Escape Rooms

An escape room is a real-life version of the problem solving rooms similar to those in the ‘Saw’ movies, without the blood, death, torture and gore of course. Hidden messages, cryptic riddles and clues can be found throughout an escape room if you know where to look and have the patience to piece ideas together to find your way out. Escape rooms are designed to be a puzzle, like a labyrinth, with hidden chambers, buttons, doors, clues and those of the like. So everywhere you look could be a potential clue to help you find your way back into the real world!

Generally, an escape room can have a different theme, those themes can be; prison cells, pirate ships, zombies, space, horror, a library, etc. Escape rooms can also have different tasks, you may need to find the pirates’ hidden treasure chest or defeat the attacking zombies within the limited time-frame that you and your friends/family are given. The object of the game is to, well, escape the escape room before the time runs out and you’ll be trapped forever! No, not really, but you won’t have the self-satisfaction of defeating the game.

Escape rooms are for the adventurous and creative minds, if you’re skilled in speediness, critical thinking, patience and have a keen observation, then an escape room would be the perfect experience for you. So if you are travelling to a new town, city or state with your family or a group of friends then research if an escape room is near you so you can tick it off your bucket list.

Escape rooms are located all around the world but the majority are in Europe and America, with America having approximately 1800 rooms located throughout the country. The idea of the adventure game originated in Japan in 2004 and was then brought to life for the first time ever in 2007. They were inspired by Escape Room video games like; CRIMSON ROOM, MOTAS, and Tales Of Escape. Generally Escape Rooms last for 60 minutes but the longest real-life Escape Room game is located in Athens, Greece and lasts for a whopping 3 hours!